Friday, September 9, 2011

Just An Ordinary Day.

september 11 2001 8-something CST. its a beautiful chicago fall. sunny and slightly crisp. getting ready to go work at wendys. ring ring. hello? barb turn on the tv. no im getting dressed for work. turn on the tv. why? a plane just hit the world trade center. what happened? they think a small plane accidentally went off course. do you have the tv on? yes look at all that smoke. i hope only few people are dead because of it. wow. stare at the tv. finish getting ready. snuggle the cat. turn off tv. lock up. walk to the bus. ask bus driver did you hear that a plane has hit the wtc? she hasnt. no one on that bus has. ditto with the next bus. arrive at wendy's. get off bus. walk into wendys. managers looking stunned. did you hear that a plane hit the wtc. barb its planes. planes? another plane hit the wtc, one hit the pentagon, and one went down in pa. the towers are gone. they've collapsed. gone? silence. me and alex were just in dc in july. we. were. just. there. shock. manager gets me a drawer for back drive-through window. walks to the tv we use to watch training videos in a little alcove next to my window. you watch fox-right? let us know if you hear anything that might be important.. stunned. all day people in their cars looking stunned. why did this happen? glancing at the tv all day. unbelievable. see footage of people jumping and falling from the towers. bodies. its about 4p. the building shivers. am is standing by my register. for some reason i think your the one person here to can explain what just happened. yeah i think i know what happened. i think a military plane just flew over head but it was going so fast that it broke the sound barrier.. why am i not surprised that you know that. the gas station across from my window has a line of cars going around the building and out into the street. people are saying that gas is going to be 4.00 5.00 6.00 bucks a gallon. its 8pm and time to get on the bus to go home. im fearful. is there a bomb on this bus? is there a shooter? everyone rides in silence. get off second bus and walk home. open dorr drop knapsack and sit on floor. shady greets me. i bury my face in his fur and wonder what the future holds for this country. will it ever be the same after...this ordinary day.

Friday, September 2, 2011


You take a small plastic frog, put in on your cat's back,and have it 'hop' around while you repeatedly say might be an Aspie.

If you're culling some fruit at work and it suddenly dawns on you that plums would be the exact perfect size to be put in a trebuchet and fired at people, and wouldn't THAT be might be an Aspie. (Plums are also the right size for a quick game of catch.)

If you refer to anyone and everyone as 'dude' because-well just might be an Aspie.

Feel free to add to my list.
Btw:I'm calling Autism Speaks on Tuesday-Because they can help me 'hang' them. I want my post on A.S. to be blunt but factual.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

This One's For The (Aspie) Girls(apologies to Martina McBride)

Some women love to go shopping for clothes. Not me. Lately clothes shopping has become about as fun as watching one of Zero's press conferences. I'm 5. 2 and weigh around 119. I should have few problems finding clothes. If I were a girly-girl who liked low cut-shirts, ruffles, bows, and pink things-that would be true. It would also be true if I wanted to dress 'old'-or if I wore a size 16.
Instead I'm a 41 year old tomboy who loathes girly things. I like 'classic'. I wear jeans and khakis and prefer shirts with collars and long sleeves in earth girl tones.
Unfortunately-what passes for 'fashion' as of late is everything BUT weird girl friendly.
I was at Kohl's today trying to add to my black/navy tee shirts/khakis/jeans wardrobe.
The misses/petites section was awash in skin-tight(or see through) tees with plunging necklines, things with frills and bows, shirts that were supposed to be stylish but that looked like the maternity tops I didn't wear when I was pregnant. There were jeans that would practically fall off the wearer(so why wear them?) and jeans to slim a person. There was all this 'stuff'-and though I did try a few things on-none of it suited me. I did find a 'Big Bang Theory' tee in the guys section-I like guys tees-but it was in red. Red isn't a good color on me.
Two hours after I entered the store I dejectedly left w/ a pair of slightly quirky brown slip-ons.

I'm about ready to just stick w/ my navy work tees and frayed jeans rather than having to search through a store that doesn't carry attire for weird girls.

Are the problems I encountered today unique to me-or are they something other weird girls have had to deal with?

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

House Rules.

Greetings and welcome to Weird Girl.
Before you kick-off your shoes and and make yourself comfy-you need to know the rules of the house.

First and foremost you need to remember that this is my castle. I write what I want-when I want-how I want. If you don't like it-you're free to go elsewhere.

I have no problem w/ debate. I have a big problem w/ people that troll and spam. If you want to sell something-sell it elsewhere. If you're a Ron Paul or Sarah Palin cultist who wants to interject their sainted and holy one into any and every post-interject elsewhere. If you're a regular @ Hot Air you know exactly what I'm referring to.

I'm a Jewish-born Catholic and a proud political Zionist. Jew-bashing/Israel-bashing is NOT
welcome here!

This is a Sharia-free zone.

If you think Obama is a great president and that the republicans are destroying our country-you're on the wrong blog.

Do not bash our men and women in uniform-including military, police. fire, first responders etc.

Take your Alex Jones/Lew Rockwell conspiracies of the day someplace else.

ANYONE advocating/suggesting that violent action should be taken against either the government or an individual in the government will be banned and reported.
Don't like the government?

This is also an autism blog.
ANYONE pushing the discredited anti-vac theories, cures, or crap from Autism Speaks or like-minded 'advocacy' groups will be banned w/out a first warning.

Got it?
Now, grab your favorite beverage-and make yourself @home.

First Impressions

Who is a Weird Girl?
A weird girl is someone who:
Is a tomboy
Has interests than many would consider 'unfeminine'
Prefers animals to shrieking children
Isn't afraid of guns
Despite being a tomboy still leans right-politically.
Refuses to conform to stereotypes
Has poor eye-contact
Doesn't like changes in schedule, or routine, or loud noises, or crowds
Doesn't like being touched-by most people
Occasionally stims
Doesn't always get figures of speech-or sarcasm
Tends to be blunt
Can be klutzy
Sometimes lacks inborn maternal instinct-toward people-but has tons toward kittens and puppies
Is usually nerdy, disorganized, and have jumbled thoughts
Tends to make bad first impressions-hence the title of my post
Tends to be somewhat young for her age-not that she cares
Can't read facial expressions and body language.
Has difficulty with personal relationships/doesn't have many real life-but online she's quite popular with people whom she's never met
Is fairly bright
Is sometimes artistic but is always autistic

My name is Barb Murvihill. I have been gifted with Asperger's Syndrome...and I am a Weird Girl.
Welcome to my world.