Tuesday, August 16, 2011

This One's For The (Aspie) Girls(apologies to Martina McBride)

Some women love to go shopping for clothes. Not me. Lately clothes shopping has become about as fun as watching one of Zero's press conferences. I'm 5. 2 and weigh around 119. I should have few problems finding clothes. If I were a girly-girl who liked low cut-shirts, ruffles, bows, and pink things-that would be true. It would also be true if I wanted to dress 'old'-or if I wore a size 16.
Instead I'm a 41 year old tomboy who loathes girly things. I like 'classic'. I wear jeans and khakis and prefer shirts with collars and long sleeves in earth girl tones.
Unfortunately-what passes for 'fashion' as of late is everything BUT weird girl friendly.
I was at Kohl's today trying to add to my black/navy tee shirts/khakis/jeans wardrobe.
The misses/petites section was awash in skin-tight(or see through) tees with plunging necklines, things with frills and bows, shirts that were supposed to be stylish but that looked like the maternity tops I didn't wear when I was pregnant. There were jeans that would practically fall off the wearer(so why wear them?) and jeans to slim a person. There was all this 'stuff'-and though I did try a few things on-none of it suited me. I did find a 'Big Bang Theory' tee in the guys section-I like guys tees-but it was in red. Red isn't a good color on me.
Two hours after I entered the store I dejectedly left w/ a pair of slightly quirky brown slip-ons.

I'm about ready to just stick w/ my navy work tees and frayed jeans rather than having to search through a store that doesn't carry attire for weird girls.

Are the problems I encountered today unique to me-or are they something other weird girls have had to deal with?


  1. Have you tried Lands' End? They're not just mail order anymore as some of their stuff is carried at Sears...

  2. I saw a Big Bang Theory T-shirt at Kohl's a while back, too. It was blue, and it said Bazinga! on it.

  3. The one I saw was red...and I look awful in red.

  4. Have you tried Christopher & Banks? They have some frills that you can just ignore, but they have a lot more tailored, no-frills stuff, too. Their sales and clearances are usually pretty well-priced.