Wednesday, August 10, 2011

House Rules.

Greetings and welcome to Weird Girl.
Before you kick-off your shoes and and make yourself comfy-you need to know the rules of the house.

First and foremost you need to remember that this is my castle. I write what I want-when I want-how I want. If you don't like it-you're free to go elsewhere.

I have no problem w/ debate. I have a big problem w/ people that troll and spam. If you want to sell something-sell it elsewhere. If you're a Ron Paul or Sarah Palin cultist who wants to interject their sainted and holy one into any and every post-interject elsewhere. If you're a regular @ Hot Air you know exactly what I'm referring to.

I'm a Jewish-born Catholic and a proud political Zionist. Jew-bashing/Israel-bashing is NOT
welcome here!

This is a Sharia-free zone.

If you think Obama is a great president and that the republicans are destroying our country-you're on the wrong blog.

Do not bash our men and women in uniform-including military, police. fire, first responders etc.

Take your Alex Jones/Lew Rockwell conspiracies of the day someplace else.

ANYONE advocating/suggesting that violent action should be taken against either the government or an individual in the government will be banned and reported.
Don't like the government?

This is also an autism blog.
ANYONE pushing the discredited anti-vac theories, cures, or crap from Autism Speaks or like-minded 'advocacy' groups will be banned w/out a first warning.

Got it?
Now, grab your favorite beverage-and make yourself @home.


  1. Nice blog, ALT.

    Hey, what were your thoughts on the Michael Savage/autism kerfuffle a few years back?

  2. Hi...I've been watching you on HotAir for a long time. I love your handle, and your attitude is definitely something I admire (I'm an Alpha Bitch, myself, I hope you don't mind the comparison).

    Keep on keeping on, hon...don't let the bastids get you down!

  3. I don't mind AT all!
    Btw: I AM working on my first 'real' post.
    Sniping @ HA is easy-blogging isn't. *grin*

  4. @ Barb;

    *sigh* I wouldn't know, I haven't been able to get on as a commenter yet. I've been trying for 2 years. You may be able to find comments of mine on Fox Nation as Sage0925.

  5. BTW...what the hell is mashugana? My yiddish is a bit rusty.


  6. meshuggeneh? Is that what ya'll meant?