Friday, September 9, 2011

Just An Ordinary Day.

september 11 2001 8-something CST. its a beautiful chicago fall. sunny and slightly crisp. getting ready to go work at wendys. ring ring. hello? barb turn on the tv. no im getting dressed for work. turn on the tv. why? a plane just hit the world trade center. what happened? they think a small plane accidentally went off course. do you have the tv on? yes look at all that smoke. i hope only few people are dead because of it. wow. stare at the tv. finish getting ready. snuggle the cat. turn off tv. lock up. walk to the bus. ask bus driver did you hear that a plane has hit the wtc? she hasnt. no one on that bus has. ditto with the next bus. arrive at wendy's. get off bus. walk into wendys. managers looking stunned. did you hear that a plane hit the wtc. barb its planes. planes? another plane hit the wtc, one hit the pentagon, and one went down in pa. the towers are gone. they've collapsed. gone? silence. me and alex were just in dc in july. we. were. just. there. shock. manager gets me a drawer for back drive-through window. walks to the tv we use to watch training videos in a little alcove next to my window. you watch fox-right? let us know if you hear anything that might be important.. stunned. all day people in their cars looking stunned. why did this happen? glancing at the tv all day. unbelievable. see footage of people jumping and falling from the towers. bodies. its about 4p. the building shivers. am is standing by my register. for some reason i think your the one person here to can explain what just happened. yeah i think i know what happened. i think a military plane just flew over head but it was going so fast that it broke the sound barrier.. why am i not surprised that you know that. the gas station across from my window has a line of cars going around the building and out into the street. people are saying that gas is going to be 4.00 5.00 6.00 bucks a gallon. its 8pm and time to get on the bus to go home. im fearful. is there a bomb on this bus? is there a shooter? everyone rides in silence. get off second bus and walk home. open dorr drop knapsack and sit on floor. shady greets me. i bury my face in his fur and wonder what the future holds for this country. will it ever be the same after...this ordinary day.

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